Radical Ex-Democrat Who Said Trump Should ‘Have a Stroke’ Runs for Congress as a Republican

Yesterday, Brett Kokinadis, the founder of New Mexico Democrats for Democracy announced his candidacy for New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district as a Republican. In his press release, Kokinadis touted his campaign as one for “all New Mexicans, especially those tired of the far sided party rhetoric and mantras.” However, his past comments display a stark contrast from a message meant to “build a bridge” with all political sides.

He also seems to be trying to cash in on Pete Buttigieg’s presidential race, as an openly gay man, by prefacing his closing sentence in the press release “As a gay man.”

In an interview with the Santa Fe New Mexican, Kokinadis quipped how if he is elected to the U.S. House, he is “not going to give Trump a rubber stamp.” Ironically, a Facebook commenter on the New Mexican’s post, said Kokinadis may be “a moderate centrist or even a Libertarian.” He responded to the post, saying “How does a Libertarian win in the noise? Isn’t time we drop the labels and figure out how to push NM and our nation up?” This statement alone affirms that Kokinadis is not loyal to the party, as he would seemingly much rather run as a Libertarian, but doesn’t think the chances are as good.

But Kokinadis’ comments about his party loyalty are the last thing he has to worry about, judging by his past misogynistic and threatening remarks towards people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Trump, many Republican senators, and even CEOs of top corporations.

After Trump’s election in November 2016, Brett Kokinadis began to publicly lash out on Twitter against the newly elected president, sharing dozens of tweets depicting riots in American streets with militant anti-Trump fanatics.

On November 10, 2016, Kokinadis sent out a tweet saying he would “love to be a citizen of California now more than ever,” which brings into question his loyalty to the people of New Mexico, especially since he is, in fact, running to represent our state in Congress, NOT California.

On December 5, 2016, Kokinadis retweeted New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s tweet about a Muslim police officer “attacked because of her faith,” blaming the harassment on President Trump.

In a December 15 tweet, Kokinadis essentially endorsed Elizabeth Warren for the 2020 presidential election, commenting on one of her posts, “I hope you’re going to run.” He also retweeted multiple Hillary Clinton posts.

Then, on January 11, Kokinadis tweeted about Trump’s “Fake News” comments about CNN.

In May 2017, through his group, Party of Reason and Progress’ Twitter account, Kokinadis shared a meme depicting the President at the Western Wall in Israel with the caption “Such a nice wall, I’ll never get my wall.”

During the same month, Kokinadis shared a post about a Mexican bath tissue company selling Trump-inspired toilet paper, commenting “Mexico got it right… Trump is S—-y.”

In another anti-Trump charged tweet, Kokinadis responded to Vice President Pence’s post about finding a new FBI director, saying “You’re all going to be buried in this mess. Everyone smells the bulls–t.”

In other targeted tweets toward President Trump, Kokinadis called multiple times for the president to resign, and labeled him an “idiot.” He also retweeted sentiments from people such as Rosie O’Donnell about the Mueller Investigation, which cleared President Trump of any collusion and obstruction.

Kokinadis continued on his anti-Trump twitter tirades, sharing tweets comparing the president to the KKK, and even saying he would volunteer in a civil war for President Trump’s removal.

Kokinadis wishes death upon President Trump

In June of 2017, Kokinadis called for the death of President Trump, saying he should “have a stroke.”

Kokinadis repeated his wishes for the president to die in a January 2018 tweet, saying “We can only hope republicans wake up and impeach or by some chance the guy has a stroke or worse.” I’m not sure what he means by “worse,” but it hardly sounds like something worthy of a United States congressman.

In 2017, Kathy Griffin posed with a severed head in President Trump’s likeness, which seemed to be a threat to the President. She apologized for the photograph, but Kokinadis tweeted at Griffin multiple times, urging her not to apologize. He labeled her unhinged, threatening actions as “sane.” Then once she apologized, he bemoaned her concession.

Kokinadis Uses Misogynistic Language Against Press Secretary

Kokinadis also targeted Sarah Huckabee Sanders, misogynistically commenting on her appearance at a press conference, asking in a tweet if she came on stage “after cleaning the bathrooms.” He continued, saying “Dress like you’re addressing the nation and the world.” He also called the Press Secretary “trash” in multiple tweets.

Imagine if I ever said this about a woman’s appearance. I would get destroyed for this, and for good reason. It’s unacceptable to remark about any woman this way, much less the Press Secretary for the President of the United States.

Kokinadis has multiple tweets targeting Huckabee Sanders, including one with a photo of the Press Secretary, captioned with “We proudly serve bulls–t.”

For someone who is running as a Republican, it seems Brett Kokinadis has said many disparaging things about the Republican Party, remarking in one tweet that “the GOP is pretty much the problem we all face daily.”

Kokinadis Uses Anti-Disabled Slur

In another tweet about the EPA, Kokinadis called the Republican Party “retarded,” a term looked down upon by many as a slur against the disabled.

Kokinadis has also targeted numerous Republican senators, such as Senators Richard Burr and Rand Paul. In response to Senator Burr’s decision to not hear a bill in the Senate Intelligence Committee giving criminal penalties to companies that don’t comply with court-mandated encryption orders, Kokinadis responded to the Senator by saying “You sir are f—–g retarded.”

In a tweet targeting Senator Rand Paul, Kokinadis told the senator, “You sir are an idiot. Your dad should spank you.”

In another tweet, Kokinadis implied that the health insurance company Blue Cross & Blue Shield is worse than ISIS because of their stance on the ACA (Obamacare). The tweet reads “f–k [ISIS] you guys are the real terrorists along with the other [insurance] companies.

He also wished death upon the CEO of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, saying that he should “choke on a chicken bone.”

He also accused Cathy of “not being a Christian” for working for the Chicken restaurant.

Brett Kokinadis Uses Anti-Police Language

In many anti-law enforcement-style tweets, Kokinadis implied that there is a conspiracy within the police department, where cops cover for each other. He said “Sounds fishy to me.  Police are always protecting police and putting out CYA PR. I don’t trust the police one bit.”

He also shared a post from an anti-police Albuquerque rally.

Kokinadis’ Other Angry/Strange Tweets

Kokinadis has also shared a smorgasbord of alarming tweets, including endorsements of far-left Senate candidates like Alabama’s Doug Jones, over-dramatic angered public reviews of burgers, childish complaints about how slow Starbucks serves coffee, rants against the TSA, glowing reviews of BuzzFeed IV hangover recovery videos, and even public opinion polls asking if he would be fit to run for local government. In one tweet, he mentioned he has visited to a Russian restaurant on many occasions. Does that qualify him as “colluding with the Russians?” In his mind, it just might.

If this is the man who thinks he can run for Congress in New Mexico’s 3rd congressional district as anything but a Democrat (socialist), then he is delusional. From recent tweets, one can see how this man has by no means changed his frame of mind and has bent-up anger towards many American leaders, including our president. Kokinadis’ unhinged Twitter tirades, using vulgar language, misogyny, slurs about disabled people, and multiple death threats should alarm everyone from every party. These observations are taken solely from Kokinadis’ Twitter account, not even accounting for what he has said on his multiple podcasts and fringe far-left group Party of Reason and Progress’ social pages.

In no way is this man fit to serve in the United States Congress, and it is the responsibility of all Republicans to not vote for him in the GOP primary. This man does not share the values of the Republican party, and it’s clear he is using this as a launching pad to spread far-left policies in Congress.

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