New Mexicans Aren’t Good Enough for Michelle

I’d hate to say, “I told you so,” about the Lujan Grisham Administration, since I earnestly want our state to grow, prosper, and move forward with any governor in office, but it seems the predictions I made two days after the November election are already coming true, and it’s going to damage our state for decades. Michelle Lujan Grisham is shipping in costly DC swamp creatures and Harvard degree-touting Bay-Area insiders, making lavish incomes at their previous places of business, many times with yearly bonuses of $15,000+. Michelle’s also jumping aboard on tons of crazy legislative proposals:

She’s coming for your guns

House and Senate Democrats have filed multiple bills restricting gun purchasing in the state aimed at snatching your guns. On the campaign trail, Grisham repeatedly boasted her “common-sense” gun reform program, which does everything it possibly can to restrict law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families in their own homes. Bills introduced already are as follows:

  • House Bill 40, sponsored by Miguel Garcia requires overreaching gun show background check protections.
  • House Bill 83, sponsored by Damon Ely authorizes the seizure of firearms and ammunition from individuals without due process
  • House Bill 130, sponsored by Linda Trujillo would make gun owners criminally and civilly liable if a child gains unsupervised access to an unsecured firearm.
  • Senate Bill 8, sponsored by Richard Martinez and Peter Wirth would make it harder to buy a gun through insane amounts of background checks, ultimately making it so difficult to try and protect oneself that they will just give up, and buy one on the black market.

It’s unclear how many more bills will be proposed, but so far, it looks like if these bills do make it to the Governor’s desk, Lujan Grisham will sign them.

Kill the Oil & Gas Industry

Michelle Lujan Grisham and her tragically unqualified Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard happily began chipping away at oil producers in New Mexico by rescinding an order that had relaxed restrictions on natural gas well locations in a major production basin. Richard commented that she didn’t “see any reason why we can’t balance increased revenues with responsible development,” which is code for “destroy the oil industry at all costs by comprehensively phasing out production, imposing more regulations, and driving out oil producers because they can’t make money through ‘renewable energies.’”

The move by the governor and her minion is just the first nail in the coffin on their crusade to destroy New Mexico’s booming oil & gas industry, which is the only reason New Mexico has money in our state coffers in the first place.

Pre-K for All (socialized day care)

As discussed shortly after the election, Grisham proves she is eager to spend the state’s money on unnecessary and economically-crippling programs in order to fulfill her pie-in-the-sky campaign promises. On January 10, the governor announced her $7.1 billion budget to fund pre-k for all, and increase first-time educator’s salaries. But educators who have been slaving away for years or even decades are out of luck, since Grisham would rather fully-fund an arbitrary socialized day care system.

Ironically, the starry-eyed governor is tapping into New Mexico’s oil drilling boom revenue from the state’s accounts, which she is trying to kill through burdensome regulations.

So, my prediction would be that Lujan Grisham unveils her pre-k for all program, which we will just have to defund later since she drove out oil production. Then, when she is in a panic about where to find other funding, she will beg the federal government for money, or try to expand some idiotic ‘green initiative,’ to raise money with windmills and solar panels, which will also fail.

Abortion far and wide

Rep. Ferrary, a Las Cruces Democrat, and one of Lujan Grisham’s favorite pro-abortion women, has proposed a radical abortion bill (House Bill 51), which the governor has already said she’d sign, if given the opportunity. The bill strips critical life-saving protections requiring health standards in clinics, allows on demand abortion up to the date of birth, takes away crucial requirements for a doctor to perform the abortion, and allows underage girls to have the procedure without ever having a parents’ approval. The insane bill would allow a baby well into the third-trimester to be aborted for any reason at all, which is the very definition of infanticide.

Ferrary and Lujan Grisham at a Democrat fundraiser (Source: Joanne Ferrary Facebook page)

Ferrary took nearly $30,000 from the abortion industry this past election, according to public records filed in a report by New Mexico Alliance for Life, and it’s clear Lujan Grisham is A-OK with the careless law.

Many governor Lujan Grisham-approved bills have been filed in the the legislature, and since the session lasts 60 days this year, there will be more time for committees to sift through and critique the dangers of some of these bills. Hopefully, moderate members of both parties can come to reasonable compromises to guide the state away from total bankruptcy and further decline. Unfortunately, the governor seems more interested in giving cushy jobs to her DC swamp friends, and implementing costly social change programs than get New Mexico back on track.

January 15th is Opening Day for the legislature, so buckle up. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

19 thoughts on “New Mexicans Aren’t Good Enough for Michelle”

  1. We anticipated Michelle destroying NM and she is doing it predictably so. We are also anticipating moving out of NM, my husband’s birth home, and moving to a state with some form of brains in the leadership of the state. We’re done with NM and totally done with Michelle.

    1. Born here and ready to leave. Democrats have been destroying this country, bit by bit, year by year. Kids are not taught the real history of Hitler….otherwise they would never become Socialists. Shame on the media…that is how it started with Hitler.

  2. Wake up New Mexico!! I was born and raised in the state and don’t want to leave my home but I will before our new governor elect gets my guns. I didn’t like her before and I still don’t. She will be worse than Richardson.

    1. Richard Carrillo

      I never thought New Mexico would see a worse Governor than Bill Richardson, Lo and behold, here comes Michelle Grisham.

  3. Our new sheriff in Chaves County has already stated that any law passed by Santa Fe restricting the 2nd amendment will NOT be enforced here. Hopefully other law enforcement departments will do the same. Would certainly support any recall measure available.

  4. Abortions UP TO DATE OF BIRTH? Are you kidding? What has the world come to that people think that is acceptable? Or anything else she is doing for that matter? Stand together… Pray… And hope she will come to her senses.

  5. Sorry…prayer will not fix this person…approaching evil incarnate…hope all the people who voted for her will realize their mistake…I doubt it though….the problem with NM is Democrats have been in charge for most of its history as a state and we’re still at the bottom of most gauges used for state well fare.

    1. Boy you nailed that one. Perfect example of how a people can become totally dependent on the government as a collective State. It’s very sad but it’s exactly what this sociopath governor wants. Hegelian dialect in full swing. Cause the problem,break down the people,offer the solution,rinse,repeat.

  6. We all need to to remind them what “shall not be infringed upon” means. Like we did when the British tried to pull this shit!

  7. Rita Patterson Valdez

    It won’t take her long to destroy our state. Complete liberal agenda supporting gun control and abortion. That is all we will hear about for the next few years while at the same time ruining the oil and gas industry. In the meantime we will remain dead last in education.

  8. Thats what Greens and Dems want and Martinez and Pierce could not get along long enough to out up any fight anywhere in the state. Thank you both!

  9. Governor why do you want to take our guns from us good citizens why not just take from the bad drug dealing guys. If you take guns are you going to come to my house or other people of NM and protect them? No you wont. Now please don’t hire NMSP to protect uooh cause they carry guns. Think about what you are doing first.

  10. Attacking the constitution is an attack on the people. Just because your governor don’t give you right to change it. This governor wants to run a concentration camp. I took an oath to abide by the constitution. To defend it from all threats foreign and domestic! You ain’t taking nothing

  11. We need to fight these outrageous things that serve none of us and destroy our freedoms. Stand up for our lifestyle now.

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