Ex-Dem Kokindais abandons CD3 to run in CD1 after switching parties

As previously warned by JohnforNM.com in April, Brett Kokinadis was someone to watch, especially with his past of telling President Trump to “have a stroke” on Twitter, months before announcing his candidacy for the 3rd Congressional District. Now, Kokinadis has decided to instead run for the 1st Congressional District, with no telling if he lives in Albuquerque, where the 1st is located.

I could maybe forgive him for saying a couple of slurs on Twitter a while back, with a proper apology as someone with a change of heart, or something of the sort. However, what Kokinadis has shown by his swapping of races gives credence to some critics’ theories that Kokinadis is nothing more than an opportunist, desperately grasping at the best chance he has of getting to Congress. 

Since Kokinadis sees an easier primary in the Republican Party than the Democrat Party in the 3rd, he switched parties. Obviously, from the flip-flopping of districts from the 3rd to the 1st, Kokinadis may see an easier pathway to victory, even though it will still be an uphill battle. 

The constant shift from side to side by Kokinadis brands him as a person much like Willard Romney, the Senator from Utah, who puts his finger in the wind to see where the wind is blowing each time he takes a vote, and jumps from state to state, as the governor of Massachusetts and the Senator from Utah. People like this show exactly what is wrong with politics, not just in our state, but around the world.

In recent months, Kokinadis has desperately tried to brand himself as a “Trump conservative” by blasting out polls begging for the President to come to New Mexico and making videos bragging about how he “had lunch with Trump” at a Milwaukee fundraiser that cost him $2,000 to attend. I will note, that according to his FEC report, he raised a meager $8,200, of which $7,901 he loaned to himself. Just going to this one fundraiser cost Kokinadis the equivalent of ¼ of his loans to his campaign.

There is no doubt that Kokinadis comes off as a friendly guy, but the fact of the matter is that he also comes off as disingenuous, opportunistic, and weak. New Mexicans should look for leaders who embody the values of our state, and stick with their convictions, instead of jumping ship when times get tough. We need leaders who look to the future for answers, but always remember the mistakes of the past. Kokinadis lacks consistency, not to mention political savvy. 

How are we supposed to know if next week Kokinadis won’t jump ship from the 1st Congressional district, to instead run in the 2nd, or run for Senate for that matter? With radical socialists in Congress like Rep. Xochitl Torres Small already trying to put a foot on each side of the fence to see where the wind is blowing, we can’t afford to have even the remote possibility of electing someone so inconsistent, how are we to know if he will switch back to Democrat for political expediency?

By giving a campaign donation to Kokinadis, you might as well be writing a check to Deb Haaland, as she’s sure to wipe the floor with this guy, despite her hatred of America. How is someone supposed to build relationships in the district with the people if there’s no telling if they are telling the truth or will switch districts at any given time?

We must be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and be prepared to fight them at every turn. My best advice to the Republican Party of New Mexico and the 1st Congressional District as a whole is to find a candidate who is strong in their values, who loves the district, and will promise to represent the constituents of the district, against the rabidly socialist takeover by current Rep. Deb Haaland and her friends (Ilhan Omar & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) in Washington. 

The New Mexico swamp is just as filthy and crooked as the DC Swamp, and only a principled New Mexico leader can defeat it. That person is not Brett Kokinadis.

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