DISRESPECTFUL: MLG wears see-through blouse to event honoring black New Mexicans

On Saturday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham addressed the New Mexico Black Expo, hosted at Expo New Mexico by the NM Office of African American Affairs. For an event branded as a “cultural experience for ALL,” Grisham didn’t seem to have much respect for the attendees since she showed up wearing a see-through, ill-fitting linen blouse to greet attendees.

While Grisham attends most other events clothed respectfully, such as last week’s Senior Games (a more casual event), she doesn’t seem to have the same respect for communities of color as she addresses them at their events, feeling as though she must dress herself down.

Grisham seen at the 2019 Senior Games

Organizers of the event wore tactful branded yellow polo and t-shirts, such as Rep. Sheryl Stapleton, who joined Grisham onstage at the event. As a public servant and a governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham is held to a higher standard of decorum, and her revealing outfit at this event is unbecoming of her high office. Grisham’s carelessness has further cheapened the New Mexico governorship.

The African American community of New Mexico should be treated with the same honor and respect that the governor gives all other groups she addresses. One can only hope apologies are in order to the attendees and sponsors of the event, meant to honor the accomplishments of black New Mexicans.

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