Hi, I’m John. I am a lifelong, card-carrying Republican, “most active supporter” of President Trump, and a proud native New Mexican. I work in the pro-life movement, previously interning at the United States Senate and working at the New Mexico House of Representatives, along with Republican campaign work around the country.

My commitment to blunt and unapologetically conservative opinion on New Mexican politics should be a refreshing break from the fake news corporate media and political pundits. The goal of this site is to hear YOUR voices, which is why I encourage you to reach out to me with your ideas for stories, your concerns for the next direction of our state, and anything in between. Enjoy!

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  1. Great 2 c a “young” Republican speaking out. We here in Luna county r looking 4 young reps. Like yourself 2 keep us going. Any suggestions?

  2. I came across your column on FB Page New Mexico for Trump. I have subscribed and look forward to reading your blog regularly. Good luck to you! New Mexico needs you!

  3. Please take pictures of all the small towns in NM. Show them to the people. The small towns have no support and no encouragement to thrive. I have driven by LV, Springer, Tucumcari, Maxwell, Roy, Raton and more, everything is boarded up. Lujan, Udall, Himmerich and the rest have done nothing for our small Communities. We need help. There are jobs out there but are not going to NM small towns. We need new leadership!

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