Month: January 2020

CD-2 candidate potentially profiting off of campaign—charging interest on his own money

According to Federal Election Commission reports filed by Republican New Mexico CD-2 candidate and former Fresno, California politician Chris Mathys’ candidate committee, a vast majority of his funds raised come from several personal loans he has made to his campaign.

Mathys’ campaign raised over $250,000, but only $1,801 of that has come from individual contributions, with the rest of it originating from his loans.…

NM NeverTrumpers call Trump supporters ‘cult’ members, ‘Nazis,’ and ‘zealots’—this must STOP.

In recent days, news has broken about rumblings between the Bernalillo County Republican Party and the Trump Victory team, designated to get the President elected in 2020. 

In an email chain regarding the upcoming pre-primary county convention, chairwoman Julie Wright asked party officials if she should allow Trump Victory’s Leslie White to speak for two minutes, while former Gov.…

NeverTrumpers backing Trump critic and Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti

Last week, New Mexico weatherman and former Vermont resident, Mark Ronchetti announced his candidacy on the Republican ticket in the crowded U.S. Senate race to replace outgoing Democrat Sen. Tom Udall. Although some may be quick to embrace the longtime weatherman based on his television persona, the machine behind his candidacy and his past should be carefully scrutinized before blindly supporting the mainstream media personality.…

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