Abortion up-to-birth NM Dems call pro-lifers ‘extremists’ after Alabama bill passage

In a desperate attempt to support abortion up-to-birth, New Mexico Democrats have taken to social media to make unwanted, seemingly coordinated proclamations of their “commitment” to keeping abortion legal in America.  

On March 15, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham tweeted a New York Times story about Alabama’s recent abortion ban, writing “Access to abortion is access to health care.…

Why So Bitter, Milan Simonich?

Many of New Mexico’s most prominent political leaders must be fact-checked, and this website seems to be one of the few platforms to do that in this state. Thousands of New Mexicans read about what is going on behind the curtain here in New Mexico through reporting by JohnforNM.com

Ben Ray Luján Deceives New Mexicans With PAC Funding Pledge

Yesterday, Ben Ray Luján bragged in the rabidly left-wing NM Political Journal (which is run by ThinkProgress), that his “campaign for the U.S. Senate will not accept corporate PAC (political action committee) money.” Ben Ray is using this sad Democrat tactic to make him seem like he is a “man of the people,” by bashing Mitch McConnell for what he thinks is his  “refusal to address our broken campaign finance system.”…